May 2018

“After the conclusion of this, fourth annual One Shot, I have no doubt that the momentum we’ve built is going to allow us to make this a truly statewide event."

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april 2018

Yet, most of the children later equated it to the corresponding need for patience. Kids are learning if we just teach them and take them.

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march 2018

“Our goal is to grow this event so we have One Shot turkey hunters across the state, and to continue to grow the event financially to do more great work on behalf of sportsmen in Virginia,” says West.

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Feburary 2018

In December, Lehmann donated the 1,500 acres to the Wildlife Foundation of Virginia, an organization whose mission is to secure properties for public access and outdoor recreation..."

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may 2016

“Coastal wetlands are among the richest and most important natural places on the planet. They protect against flooding, provide habitat for wildlife, and contribute to outdoor recreational opportunities,” said Colleen Sculley, Chief of the Northeast Wildlife and Sport Fish Restoration Program.

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May 2017

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