2019 Land Owner Registration

Thank you for your interest in providing access for hunters and guides during the 5th Annual Old Dominion One Shot Turkey Hunt. You can register by filling out the below form.

In appreciation for your support and participation in the event, you will be listed as a sponsor of the event and will receive two tickets to the Hunting Heritage celebration.

Prior to hunting on your property, we will secure a signed Waiver of Liability indicating the landowner as safe and harmless from any liability from either hunter or guide.


Please complete the form below

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By selecting "permission granted" below as a landowner, you are giving permission for a guide and hunter to harvest a wild turkey on land that is owned by you. This permission will act as your signature and is for the purpose of the Old Dominion One-Shot Turkey Hunt valid only on Saturday, April 27, 2019.

If we are able to pair your property with a guide and hunter you will be contacted.


For questions, please contact: Jenny West, Executive Director, Wildlife Foundation of Virginia, P.O. Box 62, Norge, VA 23127 jwest@vawildlife.org 757-566-4000 (office); 757-880-2362 (cell); 757-566-0440 (fax)